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Types of Pokies Including Classic, Multi-Line and Video Pokies

There is almost no end to all the different kinds of pokies one can engage in, because it can be said with at least some degree of conviction that in an online casino, no two pokies are exactly alike. In fact, out of all the groups of games that are available, the one with the most variety is that of pokies.

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More Info on Types of Pokies Including Classic, Multi-Line and Video Pokies

Maybe this starts to become confusing if you are new to the world of casino games. Perhaps the best way to go is not to lock yourself in on any single type of pokie, but instead to move around to different games before settling in on some favorites.

Let's generalize for a moment, however. Here's a quick listing of the three major types of pokies that are available in almost an online gaming casino you're likely to come across:

Classic Pokies - If you are one of those people who likes to stick to tradition, this is what you might gravitate to. They resemble the games that were a staple of the land-based casino industry until technology really started to take over. They are about as simple as they can get, and that is a characteristic that appeals to some people. You'll find various kinds of fruit symbols in these pokies, along with the single, double and triple Bars, and Sevens. They are basically three-reel games, and they will only pay you one way, which is that you must have matching symbols on all three reels across the payline. Yes, there is a single payline. That is simple enough for some casino gaming enthusiasts, but not 'exciting" enough for others.

Classic Multi-Line, Multi-Reel Pokies - There is some "hybrid" action here, in that all of these pokies offer more than three reels, and they take the structure that you have a greater number of symbols in most cases. Naturally, these pokies also have more than one payline, and as a consequence that will leave the decision up to you as to how many of these paylines you wish to "enable." With each payline you enable, it will cost more money to bet, but it also offers another avenue through which to win a pokie payout. It would not be uncommon with this category of pokies to have five paylines available.

Video Pokie Games - These represent the most sophisticated pokies you're likely to find online. This is also probably going to be a richer experience in a sense, in that the games are more lushly "appointed," with a lot of animation and sometimes video, and there are an awful lot of paylines that can be enabled; in fact, some of them can give you up to  a hundred. It is not unusual at all for these pokies to have wild symbols, scatter symbols, bonus rounds, opportunities for free spins, doubling games and the like. This is truly the state of the art, for people who wish to undertake playing them. And we certainly wish you the best of luck in doing so!