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Among the ways you can play in an online casino are to download the casino software or play it without a download. Downloading gives you the full suite of casino games at your disposal, including all the pokies the casino has to offer. So what is the difference between downloading and not downloading?

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More Info on Download Pokies - The Preferred Choice for Online Pokie Play

When you are ready to sign up with a casino, you are generally presented with the option to download the software; that is, unless it's the unlikely case where the casino only has a Flash-based, no-download casino. In that case, you will go through a process of literally taking a large file and downloading it onto your hard disk. There will be directions for such a thing on the casino website itself. And it doesn't take very long to get signed up and get the casino downloaded.

Why would one download the casino when there is a no-download option available? Well, we're glad you asked that question. For one thing, downloading is going to afford you a much more orderly mechanism by which to conduct your casino gaming business. You will have a menu up there with all of the pokies listed, and there is always going to be a secondary category for jackpot pokies.

Also, and this is something anyone who plays in the online casino can tell you, when you download the casino you are going to have a selection that is much more robust. What we mean by that is that there are going to be a lot more pokies to choose from. In fact, there are going to be more games, period. But imagine that you may have joined up with a casino for the purposes of taking advantage of the great pokies they have to offer. You want to be able to access as many of them as you can, right? Well, that's something you would need the full suite of games to do.

Also, there are features and options that you may be able to use in the download version of a casino that you might not be able to in the no-download version. For instance, there is a function called AutoPlay that comes with many pokies, depending on the software provider, and this is an incredibly useful function, because if you are going to bet the same thing every time, it allows for the pokie to just play the same thing over and over again, without you even have to touch the software. The no-download casino may not allow for this.

The conclusion is that if you are in a position to use the downloadable version of a casino, you may want to give strong consideration to it. There is no substitute for being able to have all the pokies and all the options that come with them at your disposal.