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Useful Tips for Playing Online Pokies

What kind of tips could be offered to someone who is playing pokies? Well, while you can't necessary learn how to win, we can give you some advice that will help to give you a better chance. Even though they represent separate considerations, one of them inevitably leads into some of the others.

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More Info on Useful Tips for Playing Online Pokies

Check Out The Various Bonuses - This applies right at the beginning. And it goes hand-in-hand with shopping for the right casino to play. Remember that bonuses can offer you value that might not be there otherwise. And there is no question that some casinos have better bonuses than others. What's more, some casinos have bonuses for pokie players specifically, so you might be in a position where before you even sit down to play, you can have (potentially) more bankroll available and an easier way to cash out that bonus.

Set Up Some Bankroll Guidelines For Yourself - It is critical that you don't bet too high, in proportion to your available bankroll, if you want to be around for very long. If you don't exercise some prudent money management, you're going to be out of the game very quickly, and that isn't going to be any fun.

Shop Around For Games To Your Liking - Pokie players generally have preferences for the things they like. Maybe it is a game that has a pop culture theme to it. Perhaps it's the kind of game, whether it's a more traditional, "classic" pokie, or the more sophisticated video pokie. Or it's a game with higher betting limits. If you can settle on this, you'll be better for it.

Learn The Rules - There are not many rules to learn, but it makes sense to take a quick glance for whatever pokie you want to play, so that you are not caught by surprise.

Know How To Set Your Bets - You might be shocked to realize that there are people who sometimes don't even know what they're betting. That's because they don't know how to SET the bet, in terms of the coin denomination, the number of coins, and the number of paylines. Don't get caught in this trap.

Know All Your Options In Any Game You Choose - If there are options available, such as size adjustment and sound adjustment, or AutoPlay, that could enhance your game, or in the case of Microgaming pokies, a way to track your results, you should know about it.

Play Slower - On some pokies, you can get a speed control, where the reels spin slower. That draws out the game a bit, but it may afford you more time to play the pokies and enjoy yourself.

Play Smaller - This applies if you are really looking to stretch out your session. Maybe you can play a nickel if you can afford to bet a dime. You'll last longer.

Play Maximum Coins If Appropriate - This may seem like a contradiction with the previous two bullet points. But the operative phrase here is "if appropriate." You are certainly well-advised to be very responsible with your money. However, if you are able to, you may consider betting the maximum coins because it will keep you eligible to make the maximum payout available (for your overall bet level, of course) on any winning combination.

Understand The Value Of The Wild And Scatter - You may judge a pokie based on many things, including the extras. Wild symbols are important, because they complete winning combinations, and so are scatters, which can send you into a bonus situation.

Play The Doubling Game - This is available on some pokies. Microgaming has it. After a win, you can double it by choosing a face-down card that is higher than that which is face-up. You can add some extra bankroll this way.

Don't Automatically Raise Your Bet Levels - After winning, you may feel the temptation to do this. But that is an easy way for you to get out of proportion to your bankroll figure. Remember: self-control!

Consider The Jackpot Pokies - maybe you're not looking to "grind it out" in your pokie play. If you're looking for a score, go right to the jackpot pokies, because they give you a chance to win a lot for wagering relatively little.

Consider Tournaments - Many casinos sponsor pokie tournaments on their site. This presents an opportunity to win extra money without the accompanying risk, because the casino often adds money into the prize pool.

Quit While You're Ahead - If you're happy with what you've won, consider shutting it down and getting a fresh start on another day.